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Wildfires in California

Posted by Bill McKibben on October 23rd, 2007

­ We can only watch in a kind of sad horror as flames devastate one of the richest parts of the richest nation on earth. There's no refuge from a changing earth anywhere--I've spent the day worrying about my aunt, who was evacuated near San Diego yesterday. These are, we pray, temporary environmental refugees, but they're just as scared and scarred as people around the world who face disastrous change--the UN says we may see 450 million people fleeing environmental devastation by mid-century.

­Watching from a distance, we can't help put out the flames or shelter the afflicted. All we can do is try to make it less likely that these disasters spread, by trying to bring global warming under some kind of control. That's what Nov. 3 is all about--call it firefighting on a large scale, at the very center of the blaze. Write your politicians and tell them you're scared, you're angry, and you want to see them out on November­ 3 to explain what the hell they're planning to do.

Click here for LA Times coverage of the fires.

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